A stroll along the desert sands of time...


18 days ago by astronomydork

I was taking a moment to admire some of the features here on Bitpost & I am a fan of what I see. Features such as the ability to encrypt data on here & how the posts are put on chain have enticed me to write a personal anecdote & place it in BSV’s very capable hands.

I want to share a bit about the Grandfather on my Dad’s side. He was born in Texas & served in the Navy during WW2’s Pacific campaign. When he retired he and his wife moved to the Mojave Desert to help get away from allergies that were negatively impacting him in that county. He was in his 80’s when I would visit him as a young boy. He would always have fun stuff for us to do. For example, he owned an old school Volkswagon “dune buggy” he called it & we would drive on dirt roads all across the Mojave. One time he even drove out to Mount Whitney & showed me live trout for the first time. Speaking of fish, he is the one that taught me how to fish. Unfortunately when he was alive, I was never very successful at it. It wasn’t till RIGHT after he passed that something triggered mentally for me & I learned how to properly hook a fish & reel em’ in. Sometimes I wonder if he didn’t nudge a bit of technical fishing inspiration my way from the afterlife. I also remember being a young boy & one day he asked me, “Why do you always wear velcro sneakers”? When I told him it was because I didn’t know how to tie my shoes yet, he spent the afternoon teaching me. I remember how patient he was & how fluidly he was able to describe how the laces should be tied, even though he was facing the opposite of me. I came home to my Mom later that week & she was happily surprised to discover what I had learned. I remember him explaining me to value in being honest with others. According to my family, the only time they could ever recall him being truly upset with my Grandmother was when one day she was gardening in the front yard & I was playing about 15 feet away. She had her hands cupped & called me over to take a look at something. I come running over & ask, “What is it Grandma”? She opens her cupped hand & I see a big green grasshopper. Before I could react to it, the grasshopper leaped out of her hands & attached itself to my face. Well I screamed bloody murder. When my Grandpa found out he was so mad at my Grandma for scare’n the crap out of me. All she did was continue to laugh & laugh. I find it funny now, for many reasons.

Had to give a shoutout to family in general. Our ancenstors are our guides & a vital component in the transfer of values from one generation to the next. Thank you to those that read this. Wishing the best to you & yours…