The road to 1 BSV


3 months ago by astracamo

On October 16 2020 I started a journey. I took a challenge upon me to accumulate 1 BSV by the end of 2020. As BSV is advertized being utility driven, this appealed to me. At that moment I already made 15 million satoshis (15% of 1 BSV) and set out a path to reach my goal. Just before I started, I already read myself into the details of Bitcoin and learnt quite a bit in my early days, especially through @brianarundel, who was always patient with me and answered me very skillfully. He was also the very first one who gave me 1 USD in BSV. I was awestruck to get it like instantly into my Handcash account, and tried sending some back. It worked! From there on, of course I participated in as many Give AWays (GAW) I could track on twitter, and on November 8, 2020 I hit the jackpot: I won a 50 USD GAW from the illustrious @IamZatoshi. Also around that time, he started with so-called Zweeps, where he posted a Private Key QR code that you could sweep with the wallet (Thank you @cryptobo2 for pointing me to this very usefull wallet that is still with me today!) I believe I was the first one ever that swept it successfully! Another few USD in the pocket! Later zweeps from Zathoshi proved to be impossible to win. It seemed some people had internet speeds beyond the laws of physics and swept the QR codes in nanoseconds.
Fascinated by the technology, I also created two of my own Private Key QR code give away tweets. Soon I found out that the twitterverse can be harse as well. Quite a number of strange and quite evil twitter accounts came after me saying I was a scammer as they were too late with sweeping the QR codes. I can only imagine the mentions in Zatoshi’s twitter account… That must be quite a horrible experience at a time you just want to be generous.
I also went on a tour through the many Social Media applications that work with BSV. I created accounts on Twetch, PowPing, Relica,, Streamanity and finally on Bitpost. Untill now, this proofed to be a bit of a disappointment. My posts about Space, my ultimate passion, were not really adopted and didn’t get the traction that I would need to stack all the way to 1 BSV. Especially with Twetch, I could not really connect. All of the green frog memes I did not understand at all. It seems like a very incrowded scene. At some point I thought to not waste my precious satoshis any more here. And then came TDXP. A trading platform for all kinds of crypto, stocks and many other things. You should know, I am a complete noob when it comes to trading. I hear stuff on stocks on the news but it was always something very distant for me. What struck me was the simple on-boarding. I just had to connect my Moneybutton account, and I was ready to go. I tried it a few times, got terribly rekt and lost a USD here and there. But also there were very nice gains, and not only because of my trading skills. The TDXP crew runs many challenges were you could get reimbursed if things go rekt. And they always stuck to their promise. Thank you TDXP for being the water carrier of my challenge. And special thanks to Nicky Nu the @TheBitcoinTramp who tought me proper English words like banter and brisboy. And for nicknaming me Clubber Lang from the Rocky movie (aka Mr T from the A Team).
Last but certainly not least I should praise the many sympathetic and mostly anonymous donors that gave me 0.01 USD through Handcash Pew Pew Pew. Thank you Kurt, Perucrypto, Marlab & Brandon). Some donors were there the whole road, like @AlexJoos3. He was so kind to reassure me yesterday that he would not let me get stuck at 98.5% all the way to the end. You should know, I got stuck at the end as I got too anxious in putting my satoshis into new TDXP positions, so close to my goal. And then suddenly, there was @jakeptr chipping in at 99% and made it to 104%! Thank you Jake, you finally pushed me over the limit!
In the end it was the BSV community that did it. It shows your compassion to newcomers and noobs. It was a very interesting learning experience for me as well.
Now 2021 is on the brink of happening. I hope BSV will further evolve and get more and more adoption. I am thinking about a new BSV challenge, but preferably also really connected to Space Exploration. I am not there yet but you will be the first to know! All the best for 2021 and thanks again to all involved in my #roadto1BSV! You made my 2020!