Using the WhatsOnChain API in Python3


6 months ago by Yonatan

TX text/x-python
# First we need to import the needed libraries,
# make sure you install the requests library with pip 
#("pip3 install json requests" or "python3 -m pip install requests") 

import json
import requests

# Now we make our first call to the API to make sure it's online and working
r = requests.get("")

if str(r.content) == ("b'Whats On Chain'"):
    print("API is up and running.")
    print("API is down.")

# Now let's do something more complicated,
# for example viewing info about the state of the chain

# Making the GET call 
r = requests.get("")

# The call with return as json, that's why we need to parse the data with the
# json library and format it into readable variables.

data = json.loads(r.content)

# Now the data is parse into the variable: "data"
# Now we can call info from the variable data using [] after the variable name,
# for example: print(data["headers"]) or print(data["chain"])

# now we will print all of the needed info.

print("Chain: " + data["chain"])
print("Block headers: " + str(data["headers"]))
print("Best block hash: " + str(data["bestblockhash"]))
print("Difficulty: " + str(data["difficulty"]))