BSV has no king


9 months ago by X8X24Y7LsC4C6tP

We, BSVers, hereby declare that BSV should “De-CSW-lization”
If you support BSV and believe BSV can lead us to a better world. Pleas retwetch this.

  1. As BSV developers, we appreciate Craig Wright for his contribution to #BSV
  2. We do not believe that BSV personally belongs to CSW. BSV has no
  3. We support BSV, because our job can only be carried out on BSV
    Developers not only need a stable locked protocol but also need a steady and favorable market environment for development based on BSV. However, Craig’s behavior has been an impediment to BSV’s development. With each potential PR crisis caused by him, BSV loses more potential investors.
    Given this, we declare:
    Until Craig Wright proves that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, we no longer recognize him as Satoshi Nakamoto, nor trust him can lead BSV forward. We do not support or recognize Craig suing anyone. Craig Wright’s actions are only on his own behalf and have nothing to do with BSV or its developers, investors, etc.
    Please support us by relaying this message.
    #deCSWlization #Bitcoin #BSV