The Bitcoin Scrolls Text 1 – Price vs Value


4 months ago by Vincent_007


“But BSV is only traded at $X, how can it be Bitcoin?” - Person X


The very simple answer to this is that if one is merely looking at price, there’s a high chance that they are not looking into the fundamental value proposition. But don’t take my word for it, here’s a revealing quote borrowed by a rather well known
investor (to say the least):

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get” – Warren Buffet

Lets unpack this point of view a little bit further to show exactly what this means in practice and in the real world.

The case of Apple:

No, not a case of apples, rather the tech giant Apple Inc. You know them for their simplistic yet elegant design principles, excellent user experience and top performance.

If you had looked at the share price in 1985 when Steve Jobs was effectively fired you might have thought it wouldn’t be wise to own the shares, yet even when Jobs returned to Apple Inc in 1997 one could have made a decision purely based on price that it wasn’t a good idea to invest into Apple Inc.

However, what is simple to see in hindsight is that the fundamentals within the organisation allowed for them to be propelled by fantastic proportions due to a combination of sound design, forward looking products, and excellent quality.

If one merely looked at price they very well could have missed the value which was being created by Apple for its shareholders.

The case of Bitcoin (2009 – 2017):

Often you will hear people speaking about what if they bought Bitcoin at $1, $10, or $100. However, not so often will the talk be about the fundamental value of what is being bought, rather what the price is or was.

If you had bought Bitcoin for below $100 (2009 to 2013) or even for $2,700 (before August 2017) you would have purchased a close resemblance of the original protocol, and as a result the ability for that system to be able to create more value.

If however you purchased BTC after August 2017, it is important to reflect and understand how the fundamentals of the system have been changed compared to the original Bitcoin protocol (because they most certainly have)!

As a matter of fact, the same fundamentals which made Bitcoin a very good purchase in the early days are the exact same fundamentals which make Bitcoin (BSV) a sound purchase today.

What are some of these fundamentals?

  • Micro Payments (Low Transaction Fees)
  • Miner Chooses Block Size (Unlimited by Default)
  • Scaleable Technology
  • Is a Chain of Digital Signatures

Believe it or not, but these primary aspects have been drastically altered, which, unfortunately, reduces the value proposition of BTC greatly.

So when someone says “But BSV is only traded at $X, how can it be Bitcoin?” remember that just because Bitcoin was priced below $10 in the early days, that didn’t take away from it’s fundamental value.

In Closing:

The two above examples can easily continue to be expanded and many more examples of businesses, currencies, or assets which had a disconnect between price and value can be cited.

It is also interesting to note that the above mostly focuses on when the value was greater than the price, rather than when the price was greater than the value!

For a price being greater than value, think of the Tulip Bubble, Dot Com Bubble, and perhaps not too far down the road the USDT a.k.a Tether Bubble.

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