Enter Metacoin: a quick guide to Showbuzz for English speakers


1 month ago by VastExpanses

Showbuzz is a social media platform built on BSV, it’s part of a suite of apps integrated with MetaID, an on-cain identity protocol. MetaID is an ambitious project that aims to develop a practical implementation of the metanet idea in the form of “one giant app”.

The project has been flying under the radar in my BSV circles. Mainly, I think, because it’s based in China, and most non-Chinese speaking users (like myself) quickly turn around when faced with pages full of Chinese characters. I don’t speak a word of Chinese, but I was able to easily sign up, use and earn rewards on Showbuzz, in this note I’ll explain how.

I became interested in Showbuzz when they launched Metacoin. Metacoin works like a reward program for MetaID/Showbuzz users, it entitles them to a portion a daily “metablock” distribution based on their share of miner fees paid. Intrigued, I decided to try posting on Showbuzz and see if I could earn some coins.

Signing up

The first step to accessing ShowBuzz is to sign up to Metaid through the site https://www.metaid.io . The page is entirely in English once you select “EN” instead of “CN” from the language dropdow in the upper right corner. All you’ll need to sign up is an email address or mobile phone. I only tested the email option, and it was easy.

There’s a verification process requiring a code that will be sent to your email. The email you’ll receive is mostly in Chinese and may go to your junk mail, but it’s easy to spot the verification code and you’ll just need to copy and paste it in the “Auth code” box. Once done you’ll have a valid MetaID and password.

Using Showbuzz

With your MetaID credentials you can now open https://www.showbuzz.app and login. Make sure you select English (EN instead of CN) as your language at the top right corner of the page, this will switch all menu options (but not user content) to english.

From there you can also naviguate to your wallet, which is managed though ShowMoney, the metaID wallet.

If you’ve ever used a crypto wallet ShowMoney will be easy and doesn’t require any further explaination. Once you’ve got some sats on your wallet you can begin posting. Your english language posts might stand out and get some attention, in a good way (likes and follows).

Showbuzz has a simple interface and all the features you might expect from a bitcoin social media platform: post, follow, like (called claps), tips and repost. Everything is on-chain, so every action will create a bitcoin transaction. There’s one last linguistic hurdle to clear before you can generate your first transaction: after each action (post, follow, like) you’ll see this confirmation box appear, it will be in Chinese even if you selected English as your default language:

To confirm the transaction, click the bottom right button, the one on the left will cancel the transaction.

For non-chinese users one of the most important feature is the translate button. Using this feature lets you quickly translate Chinese language posts to English. The challenge for new English speaking users is that the translate button is in Chinese, but once you’ve found it you can use it on every post:


One of the coolest features of Showbuzz is the ability to earm metacoins as you post. Metacoin does not have any wallet support yet, but this is expected to change soon. For now, you can see your Metacoin balance directly on the MetaID network explorer: https://scan.metaid.io

The network explorer is all in English, just make sure to select English is the language dropdown in the top right corner, and login with your MetaID password. Once logged in, the explorer will display your personal Metacoin balance, as well as the number of coins you may receive in the next block based on recent activity, and various other network metrics.

Metacoin itself could be the topic of a whole other blog post, but for now I will direct interested readers to two recent posts by Sunny Fung. Both posts are in Chinese so you will need to use the translate feature as described above:

Metacoin rules

Metacoin FAQ

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