Voltage is Life


11 months ago by VanquishAudio

Fungi are natures decomposers. They are dormant on the body until they are signalled into action by low voltage and an acidic environment. Vitality is having an abundance of electron donors, commonly called anti-oxidants, in the body. Free radicals, or electron stealers, roam the body causing oxidative stress and damage. Carbs (excluding fiber), starch, sugar, and glucose, which are really all interchangeable, when consumed in excess, are the most common cause of free radical damage in the body. In combination with hydrogenated vegetable cooking oils which are also easily susceptible to oxidation due to their molecular structure as polyunsaturated fats, the western diet has been a massive failure for global health.

Avoiding electron stealers and exposing yourself to electron donors is the way to go. Besides food, this can also apply to relationships, media, beliefs, etc. The earth is the most abundant source of electrons. Try walking barefoot outside. Exercise increases the capacity of your muscles, which are batteries for energy. Your heart is the main muscle. Your actions add up and can bring you into a much greater state within days. Take control of your actions, your mind, and your life. Change starts from within!