The Placebo Effect


15 days ago by VanquishAudio

The placebo effect is often downplayed as something that isn’t real or has no validity. Probably because emphasizing the significance of it is analogous to undermining the profits of powerful corporations. It is interesting to think about though, that anything our mind can conjure up, the body has the complementary chemical reaction that brings the experience into a higher resolution. The body aids in simulations that our mind initiates so we can better prepare for the future. What’s even more fascinating is that these projected possibilities have the potential to become our present reality just from repetition.

Focusing your attention on a particular thought or subject draws you to further exposure of it, creating a feedback loop where the body becomes accustomed to the biochemical cocktail created, prolonging the experience. The feelings then feed the thoughts, and a particular perceived reality takes root in a person. The addiction to the biochemicals causes some people to reject data that contradicts the formed belief. Where is that data coming from and why? It should always be taken into consideration.

It’s evident that the power structures that be have every incentive to feed people disempowering belief systems so that they can maintain order. It’s understandable. Are you creating a self-defeating matrix? You have the power to change it at any time. There isn’t much advantage to identifying and aligning with what is objective. Go crazy. If you can involve everyone around you in a more positive creation, you may realize that’s all you’ve ever needed.