Return of Ketosis pt. 6


21 days ago by VanquishAudio

Tapering off sweets is looking to be more of a challenge than I would have hoped for. Went out to lunch with the wife yesterday. Stayed away from the bread basket. Had an almost carb free antipasto except for a small bit of Russian salad with potato. Had a basil salmon which was delicious. Everything was, including the dessert my wife ordered that I had no interest in. An apple crepe which the waiter dowsed in rum and set on fire, then proceeded to cut in half and served both of us. I wasn’t expecting that but of course now I have to try (devour) it. I suppose the pitcher of sangria also had a bit of sugar, although tasted dryer than expected which is good. The key for me now is staying focused not to go off the rails. My ketone test strips should be coming wednesday if not tomorrow. The accountability is what I need and the Hona app will provide.

Airplanes take off against the wind, and I’m really feeling the force. Cheesecake is my kryptonite and there’s some in the fridge now. I’m just salivating at the thought of it, feeling depressed that it won’t happen. This is more important. Once I take off and am comfortably at cruising altitude, the cravings dissipate. They always do. The trouble is I’ll get too comfortable and slip one day, then it’s a quick cascade of bad decisions until I’m off the protocol completely. Thankfully I’ve got Hona this time. It’s been a blessing for my cardio regimen. Only missed one day out of the entire month. When you’re in ketosis, blood sugar is stable all day, so there are no peaks and crashes. The urge to eat every 4 hours also goes away. Intermittent and prolonged fasting become a piece of cake. Mmm… cake.. Look, the reality is, sugar makes you weak. Things can go south real quick and resources must be primed. Complacency is entropy and may sabotage you faster than you’d expect.