Return of Keto pt. 9


9 days ago by VanquishAudio

It’s the end of my second day of almost no carbs. Panicked many times thinking what in the world am I even going to be eating. Had to dig through my memory and bring back the old staples. Bacon, eggs, goat cheese for breakfast. Ribeye or skirt steak for lunch. If I get hungry on the road I can pick up plain full fat greek yogurt or a strip of fried pork belly from a Colombian bakery. Really sick of avocado honestly since they taste weird and nauseating half the time if they’re not mixed with 15 other ingredients in a guacamole. Just remembered my friend gave me a mason jar full of the best olive oil I’ve ever tried made by his family in Italy. I’ll be taking swigs of that every morning. Just need to make sure I’m getting enough calories. Ordered keto strips again. I should be peeing purple by the time they get here. As soon as I make one purple, I’ll start the challenge on Hona. Still haven’t decided how long I should do the challenge for. Since I’ve done it in the past I’ll try to aim for three weeks. Craving sugar like crazy but once I get past the turbulance I should be good.