Return of Keto pt. 8


15 days ago by VanquishAudio

At some point I learned that paying attention to my own thoughts wasn’t helping me, but taking certain actions did. You can’t think your way out of a problem that you created by thinking in the first place. The way out is to macro manage yourself instead of trying to micro manage your thoughts. Every day I can think of a million reasons why I should put off getting on my elliptical machine but then I’ll get on it anyway as kind of a ‘fuck you’ to those thoughts. Physical exercise actually helps you think less. Running off of ketones instead of glucose helps you think less. All you really need to do is relax and trust yourself. You don’t have to think about every little action you’re going to do, but just build the habits that promote the right actions. This took me so much farther in my life than I ever expected I would go. Not going to lie, I’ve always been an underachiever and getting complacent is easy for me. But the entropy knocking can get pretty unbearable so I’ll keep moving ahead.

I did my thirty minutes of cardio earlier today. I’m going to make it a morning habit instead of later at night like I’ve been doing. I’m off the sugar today. I ate leftover dry aged tomahawk ribeye steak with a slice of Kraft American cheese which was amazing. I threw away the bone part of the ribeye so I guess it just makes it a regular ribeye steak now but I just like saying tomahawk ribeye. I feel bad for people who think veganism is a healthy choice of diet and struggle force feeding themselves kale and whatnot. I’ve been there and it just doesn’t work. Never had any energy and felt apathetic, but the ideology was so strong that I believed I was doing the right thing. It’s probably some sort of psy-op illuminati diet to make people weaker and brain-dead. Who would be surprised if that turned out the case? Plants don’t want to be eaten so they use chemical warfare to deter predators. Lectins, saponins, oxalates, all kinds of anti-nutrients. Animals run away but that’s about it. Nutrients are easily absorbed from meat. Nutrients from plants are not absorbed unless you have the right microbes to break them down.