Placebo Effect pt. 2


19 days ago by VanquishAudio

These blog posts are not meant to be read. I begrudgingly force out this psychobabble so as not to feel like I’m copping out of this challenge by writing one or two lines, the real amount I’d love to write. That being said, yesterday I mentioned that there isn’t much advantage to identifying and aligning with objective reality. For most people I believe this is the case, but not everyone. Most people are perfectly content with believing what they want. Their beliefs become a part of their identity, and anything that challenges that is perceived as a personal attack. Belief systems can be a sustenance or a drain on the soul. It is a great fortune to be instilled with rewarding beliefs and a life that affirms them. Even when life is full of pain, every moment of relief is heightened when attributed with a good transcendent belief.

Whether there is one ultimate overarching transcendent reality that human beings are somehow at the center of is yet to be determined for me. So far is seems pretty to the contrary. Jordan Peterson seems to think so, and I hope he’s right, but I doubt it. Still, I find myself listening to him frequently hoping that his beliefs will rub off on me on some unconscious level. Maybe I listen to him for entertainment value. He does seem to be accurate on many topics, although that’s just my sense and I couldn’t really prove it to myself if I was being honest. His opinions on postmodernism do seem to make a lot of sense.

This brings me back to the advantages of misaligning with reality. Postmodernists continue to find meaning in, and gain a sense of power with their self-serving beliefs. The problem is sometimes it directly conflicts with the systems set up by those few who do align more closely with objective reality. When the status quo becomes a need to burn the system down, fueled by resentment and radicalization, the beneficiaries of modern life have to choose to either alleviate the suffering of those attempting to destroy freedom as we know it, by showing them reality as it is and providing space to come to peace with it, or if they are not willing to see it, deal with them in less compassionate means.