StarKickers - On A Path To Happiness


4 months ago by StarKicker

A man of Peace & Love who spent three decades depressed. Here will be documented in music & word a path taken from depression to happiness, then to joy!

A Planned Work
The following is all part of a larger planned work to show the amazing similarities between all religions, sciences, cultures & ageless wisdom teachings!

This list in not yet complete and is in no particular order:

Path No. Path Name Denominations Description
1 On a Path to Rainbow Bridge All Meditations & Personal Writings
2 On a Path to Happiness Christian The 8 Beatitudes
3 On a Path to Wisdom Buddhist The 8 Steps of the Eightfold Path
4 On a Path to Union Hinduism The 8 Limbs of Yoga
5 On a Path to Sirius Esotericism The 7 Rays & their 8th Totality

A Journey
You are invited on a journey. The vehicle is Starkickers. It is piloted by the Plymouth based singer/songwriter StarKicker, sometimes alone and sometimes accompanied by friends.

Along the path you will experience songs inspired on a search for truth and understanding which was undertaken following a major depressive episode. This lasted five years and led to the loss of career and health. Just when all was thought lost there began a journey made possible by music, family, friends and strangers. At the beginning there was a desperation to get back all that had been lost, to get back to normal, but a true recovery only began when it was realised instead that a change was required.

Thus started the first steps on the On A Path To Happiness (Path 2)
During the first Coronavirus lockdown of 2020 the first Starkickers song (called Give Me Hope) was recorded and registered with the Performing Rights Society. It was written for consideration in an upcoming road trip film. It is classic rock with authentic lightly distorted guitars, a melodic bass and a confident male vocal. It also provides a perfect introduction to the 8 Beatitudes.

Perfect for a road trip!
The journey continues and can be best described by the initiating lyrical ideas for a future planned work of 8 (+2=10) original songs. The ideas for these have been inspired by the parallels between learning to live with depression, The 8 Beatitudes, the experiences of life in 2020 and a request from for new works inspired by The Prelude.

Once completed, these 8 (8+2=10) songs are planned for release on an album which can obviously only be titled:

StarKickers – On A Path To Happiness
You say you’ll lose control, we can only hope, show me, give me hope

  1. Ready For Change – Congratulations you are depressed. This is not a disaster. It is a sign of your progress.
  2. Sadness – Just when I think I can’t feel anymore, you come to me and I feel reassured. Just when I think I can’t take anymore, you pull me up off my knees from the floor.
  3. Never Cry Again – Take it from me. I give it freely to you. It’s true, it’s you. You’re my love, you’re my life.
  4. Sick Of It – So I long to believe there is more to life. Is it so wrong to believe there is more to life?
  5. Born To Love You – Please forgive me I love you. I was born to love you.
  6. Peace Of Mind – You seem to be having a hard time when all you want its peace of mind.
  7. Base It On Love – Base it on love and overcome the hate that is rising between our sons. Face it with love and question why tears are flowing from our daughter’s eyes.
  8. You Are Amazing – You are amazing, look at the joy that you bring, a joy in everything.

Save Me From Myself – I need saving, Saving from myself. Save me from myself!