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Give Me Hope - Audio
The Song “Give Me Hope” was released on 23rd March 2021, and is available on all good streaming sites. The song is about hitting rock bottom and finding hope there. It is the first song on the forthcoming album by StarKicker called “On A Path To Happiness”.

Here are a few links to streaming sites:

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Here are a couple videos, one showing the lyrics and the other showing how the main guitar part is played.

Lyric Video

Up close video showing how to play the main guitar parts.

There once was a time I tried, lord I tried.
But it never felt right, all my life, so lord I cried.
If there was a time, you know.
I’d think about it all the time, and so.
I’ve never felt that there was a time.

Patience don’t take it slow, we might fade away.
If we don’t let go. Oh no, no, no.
Patience now take me home, we might never know.
If we don’t let go. Oh no, no, no.

You say you’ll lose control, we can only hope,
We both so want to know, oh so let’s go.
Show me.
Give me hope.

Give me hope, your patience gives me hope.
So give me hope, give me hope.

Patience you give hope.
And you should know.
Your patience gives me hope.