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Congratulations! You Are Depressed!

This work on the Laws Of Happiness has a threefold purpose:

  1. An attempt to aid those who are suffering from depression
  2. To reveal the beauty and bountiful nature of the world, celebrated through human creativity and labour.
  3. Inspire an inner development, leading to the removal of those artificial boundaries and external barriers of separation, that we are all surrounded by. We are so accustomed to them, that their invisible nature make them hard to detect.

1. Depression

We are surrounded by such suffering in this world that it is hardly surprising that more and more of us find ourselves plunged into the debilitating condition of depression.

Despite the claims made by the nature of this illness and the world’s response to it, we have NOT failed. A great disaster has not befallen us. In fact, we have actually reached a high stage of evolution and spiritual development.

This is not a disaster. It is a great opportunity for further progress.

Beauty, Creativity and Human Labour

Unfortunately a lot of human thinking and decision making is done subconsciously. This can lead to poor choices. It often leads to selfish choices. There is still creativity, a good proportion of it beautiful, but there is also a lot of conflict and ugliness.

However, it is possible to get to a point where every single decision is made consciously. This leads to a greater proportion of our choices being based on the reality that we are all part of the one existence on planet earth and beyond. This leads to a greater creativity, with a great deal of beauty from our human labour.


The current world setup keeps us so busy with our worries, fears and constant distractions that we find neither the time, energy or inclination to discover why we think, feel and act the way that we do!

We have so little control.

In this environment we will never reach our potential as individuals or as a whole. We should not however be discouraged by our preconceived beliefs, dogma and even our so-called existing knowledge. If inspiration allows I will attempt to show how all current religions, sciences and cultures can be simplified into a few simple concepts that can allow inspiration and more importantly, can initiate progress together as one.

These core concepts involve the Universal Energy Flow in the Torus and the Sphere, directed by an awakened consciousness, leading to correct decision making.

The Similarities Are Remarkable

I have chosen to base this first work on the Christian Beatitudes, as they are clearly of relevance to the current increase in depression even though they are 2000 years old.

As you meditate on things you become aware that the core values, essentials and truths are the same, but are hidden behind the many bitter arguments over the non-essentials. If you are arguing, then you are doing so over a misinterpretation of words. The core meaning of the information is identical.

Here are a few analogies:

  • God, Spirit, The Whole, The One, Energy, Ecosystem, Universe, Cosmos.

  • Christ, Messiah, Vishnu, Soul, Sri Krishna, Consciousness, Maitreya, Bodhissatva, Self, True Self.

  • Karma, Cause and Effect, An Eye for an Eye and a Tooth for a Tooth, We Receive Due Reward For Our Deeds, For Every Action There is an Equal and Opposite Reaction.


May the blessings herein contained awaken and inspire your soul and your consciousness.

Blessed Be!

Be Happy!

Be Joyful!

(The Holy Grail Artwork - By Myzteryy

The following contains my personal meditations on the 8 Beatitudes: