BSV People - Interview 9 - Sir Quacks-A-Lot

Sir Quacks-A-Lot

2 years ago by Sir_Quacks_A_Lot

Please introduce yourself.
Sir Quacks-A-Lot (kind of like Sir Mix-a-Lot, less focus on butts).

Where are you from and/or where do you live?

What are your interests?
Hobbies: Tech gear and gadgets, I’m my own librarian, like to travel Australia taking photos, earthing plus sunlight, enjoy the occasional comic, PC game and drink. Career: I’ve worked for the federal government, a law firm, a university, tertiary college, my own business and some other places. Spending time: caring for family and sometimes myself.

Has life been kind to you?
I’ve had some great opportunities, but some long periods of what can best be described as hell. Through all the depression and angst; family, alternative medicine, eating better and meditation helped make the difference.

What brought you to Bitcoin?
Initially I was interested in the technology, but then I invested in shitcoins with my Dad. It was at the worst possible time as the last bull run was on its way down. Pretty stupid for someone who studied Economics. I did trade my way through though to get the portfolio back to a reasonable position.

What does Bitcoin (SV) mean to you?
I had a hard time feeling comfortable investing in any project. Nothing felt right, even though I ended up in Bitcoin Cash. I’d always thought we could have a proper system that would change the world and I think I was waiting for it even before the white paper. I was sceptical of Dr Craig, but he was talking about the future that I’d hoped for. So I kept researching what he was talking about. I’m glad that I followed him into Bitcoin SV. So far the information system is going as it originally should have. The projects built/being built are amazing and the potential is mind-blowing. Money Button ( and City On Chain ( caught my attention first, but I have to give a shout out to Open Directory (, ClassifiedSV (, True Reviews (, SatoshiMaps (, WeatherSV ( and BitQ&A ( All of the BSV wallets look great, but Centbee’s ( integration with retailers is incredible.

Anything you want to promote?
This interview series and my writing (Was, but now on Bitpost) Also I have a website/blog: My cities are too numerous to mention, but Sydney is here:

Ed. I might be biased, but this was a pretty good interview.