BSV People - Interview 13 - Maasoome Shekofte

Sir Quacks-A-Lot

1 year ago by Sir_Quacks_A_Lot

Please introduce yourself.
Maasoome Shekofte.

Where are you from and/or where do you live?
Iran, North Khorasan.

What are your interests?
Cooking, Babysitting, Drawing, Video Games, Dreaming, Sleeping :)) and helping people.

Has life been kind to you?
I can say with certainty that if I had not been lucky, I would not have survived life in any way.

What brought you to Bitcoin?
It was around January 2020, My applicant tourist visa for Australia was rejected, I was so sad that why I should be rejected for just visiting a country? Only because I’m Iranian and I was born here? That moment I wanted to change my country. I wanted to just leave all behind myself and start a new life in another country. So maybe this way they don’t reject me. I signed up for a new Twitter account in English so I could search and find scholarship or job position anywhere. Then suddenly I faced giveaway tweets about BSV :\? I was like what the hell is this? I was curious about it so I searched more tweets about BSV and BOOM in a minute I was signed up for moneybutton and twetch :)))) And my first twetch was like: is this real money or something digital?

What does Bitcoin (SV) mean to you?
Opportunity to find new great family and friends and learning more about this world.

Anything you want to promote?
I’m an Urban planner, 26 yo and I’m looking for any job opportunity around the world. I believe myself as a young strong girl who can learn easily and do anything.

Ed. Maasoome has shown why the BSV community is important and it’s difficult to imagine it without her. I think all of us who know you also believe in you. Thank you Maasoome!