BSV People - Interview 11 - KCROSS

Sir Quacks-A-Lot

2 years ago by Sir_Quacks_A_Lot

Please introduce yourself.
Kevin C. Ross ($KCROSS)

Where are you from and/or where do you live?
United States

What are your interests?
Information Technology Specialist

Has life been kind to you?
Both extremes..kind and cruel. Seldom the middle.

What brought you to Bitcoin?
A friend introduced me into the “crypto” space, which soon became an obsession.

What does Bitcoin (SV) mean to you?
Bitcoin SV is the world’s first good money and a foundation for global economy. It took me a while to understand that it couldn’t be printed or readily corrupted. I was in the School of Peter Schiff. But now that I do understand how tamper resistant Bitcoin is, I think the world has no choice but to use it as a backbone to our future economy. I do not believe Fiat or other standard stores of value are going away any time because criminals need it for their hustles. But in the future, I believe that even the scoundrels will store their wealth on Bitcoin. Absolutely everyone needs an honest foundation or it all collapses in a cyclic manner.

Anything you want to promote?
The Teranode Project will make or break Bitcoin (BSV). Pray that it stays on track. Scale or Die is the bottom line.

Ed. Your point about honesty is certainly what more people need to made aware of, thank you KCROSS!