Where is the Promised Land?


2 months ago by SeanBallard

Oh how the turns have tabled.

Geography was once worthless knowledge to me. Why learn about it as a 9th grader? I wasn’t travelling anywhere, and didn’t have an interest in travelling anywhere either. Why must I learn about it?

15 years later, Geography is now the most worthwhile knowledge to me - in the search for the promised land. Now I am enthusiastically exploring Google Maps, wikipediaing & redditing different regions & cultures.

How important is climate? Culture? Politics? Tax rate? Population size/density? Internet? Roads? Transit? Airport? Entertainment? Proximity to my parents? etc etc

“Life does not as what we want. It presents us with options”

“There are no perfect solutions; only tradeoffs”

These Thomas Sowell quotes are hitting as I weigh all the options, and use the ol noggin’ to run simulations in my brain to get an idea about what life would be like there. The essence of decision making is figuring out what you REALLY want (very hard task), prioritizing these wants, & picking the option which has the best tradeoffs.

How to rate such variables? For me, it looks something like this.

Climate: 30 pts
Culture/Community: 34 pts
Politics: 10 pts
Taxes: 15 pts
Population: 20 pts
Internet: 18 pts
Roads/Transit: 10 pts
Airport: 25 pts
Entertainment: 20 pts

And for reference of the points, can give an example of what would produce a 100% score on points, and a 0% score on points. Eg Climate; San Diego = 30 pts. Seattle = 2 pts.

And from their, rate the options!

But at the end of the day, I think it will come down to gut feel XD Utilize the “Fingerspitzengefühl” as elaborated on in this article https://taylorpearson.me/fingerspitzengefuhl/

Is there a promised land? What is your promised land?

Would love to hear about it.


-Sean Ballard