Spiritual Illiteracy & Importance of Elder 's Initiation Ceremonies


2 months ago by SeanBallard

I call people that are possessed by some spirit “Agents of insert_organization”. So, as an example, the Saints of Christianity were agents of Jesus Christ.

Any gov’t worker, someone who believes in the legitimacy of gov’t to aggress onto others in a specified geographic region & thus carries out this belief accordingly, I call an Agent of the State. The bible identified such people as Pharisees.

Sometimes, the exact spirit which possesses people is nebulous. Meaning, not an EXACT causal source. This is where larger human patterns, historically expressed by way of charicaturized stories, give power to people over these spirits by allowing them to IDENTIFY the spirit in any of their various manifestations, and most importantly, to identify them when these spirits are in yourself.

So, the spirit of Jesus is obviously an easy case of identifying the causal source. It’s the stories about him contained in the Bible.

The spirit of the Woke is not so easily pinpointed. I think Cyprianous identifies and captures the spirit of it as stemming from “The Prince of this World” which I understand is a more palatable way of saying Lucipher or the Devil. And even Lucipher & the Devil are just the grander tokens of spirits that are evil. And there are different smaller sub-implementations of evil as well, which use different tactics. ie Jezebel or Pharaoh

Ive recently challenged my own definition of evil. It roughly boiled down to anything that is against life.

I think arriving at this definition empowered me to NOT judge the character, per se, as good or bad. Rather, the act of the character, separate from the character, as evil. AKA evil spirits can be exorcised by Jesus. If your heart is full of the Holy Spirit, there is no room for other spirits.

How does one raise awareness towards this potentially “good” person, whom is acting in an “evil” manner?

WWJD is a framework for answering this question.

Eg; someone littered on the road. I imagine Jesus saying “Brother, why do you litter on the street?” in a genuinely inquisitive in loving tone. This approach leads room for their OWN redemption towards the good. Without Jesus, I might judge & execute that judgement on the spot, and they lose the chance for redemption & thus the lesson. HEY QUIT LITTERING ASSHOLE! This repels them from the act & thus forfeits awareness (light) over it.

I think part of the problem is our lack of connection and respect for our elders.

I also think a crucial mechanism for establishing that respect, is through a community’s coming of age initiation, wherein the elders turn from “authority figure” into an equal. An initiation where they invite you into adulthood. Treat you as an agent. Hence, agency is the term society uses for a person who is capable of having awareness over their actions & ability to take response-ability for this actions, and thus consent. AKA they are empowered to be accountable to themselves. AKA they can be TRUSTED by the elders of the community.

Without this initiation, there is the tendency to cling from one community to the next in search of this kind of deep-seated need for validation, purpose, dignity, belonging, etc. and all the while running from community to community, remaining a kid psychologically AKA their “framework” & constitution is weak because they dont really have one. It wasnt cemented by way of a community initiation. The framework with which they operate in & make decisions on defaults to the frame of the status quo. It’s inherited by the status quo.

And the “status quo” framework is formulated by the hegemony, which are typically central planners seeking control. People who want control, for whatever reason regardless of “good” or “bad” labels. Eg the devouring mother obviously thinks her control is for “good”. Marxist communists, same thing.

The essence of all this is 👇

“You stand for nothing, you fall for anything”

From the album “HOW YOU SELL SOUL TO A SOULLESS PEOPLE WHO SOLD THEIR SOUL???” by Public Enemy… amazing

And this brings us to Building the Ark #BuildtheArk. Here is my understanding of what it means to #BuildTheArk. It is you, personally, building your understanding of Jesus, and in-so-doing, building your faith. And in building your faith, you make yourself a fortress for the holy spirit & can begin to walk by Faith; even when walking through the valley of the shadow of death. A fortress wherein it is IMPOSSIBLE for evil spirits to penetrate your vessel & consciousness, in order to control & compromise your actions. I think a good example of a modern Ark looks like Neo from the Matrix, moreso than Noah from the Bible. Just for more relatability’s sake. Neo’s faith in the fight for good (love, light, life) led him to taking the leap of faith necessary for him to see 0s + 1s and could then most effectively fight evil. Belief in the Spirit of Good led him to risk his body for it.

So, here is to becoming more “Spiritually Literate” in hopes of creating a better society. :D


-Sean Ballard