Posterity. Postmortem. Motivation.


2 months ago by SeanBallard

Why write?

Because you only got one life, and each day you wear the anchor of realitys resistance. Its a lot EASIER if you act like it doesn’t matter. What a convenient world view.

It is hard to genuinely document ones thoughts for posterity.

How do I really feel about life right now? How do I make it worthwhile to document & read?

This will be the 31st day in a row of posting a weblog… you know its a habit when you contemplate SEVERAL time about whether you should post or not…

The main resistance towards continuing it was, not even that I cant figure out something to write about, its that I didnt want to do the work to find out what to write.

Do it for posterity, if nothing else.

It is a Web-log. Log where you’ve come, and where youre at. Its what it was made for. And may it motivate you to do stuff that is worth writing about.