Limitless Gains starts with Flawless Form


2 months ago by SeanBallard

Flawless Form aligns your movement patterns with your evolutionary musculoskeletal structure.

Flawless Form feels righteous, although in the beginning it may feel wrong.

Flawless Form is habit oriented; more than outcome oriented.

Flawless Form requires RELENTLESS attention towards form AND posture.

“Make your battle stance your every day stance” - Musashi, Book of Five Rings

Flawless Form will maximize your total potential power output; it does not seek to maximize muscular growth/fatigue.

Flawless Form means maintaining full integrity of the system, no matter what.

Flawless Form means ZERO compromises in the movement pattern and posture. No cracks in the system.

Flawless Form = proper movement hygiene OR musculoskeletal health (joints, spine, etc)

Flawless Form is an investment in your body & life force.



-Sean Ballard