Build a Trad Magnet


2 months ago by SeanBallard

A big part of #Trad seems to be country living. Getting back to basics.

Many men view a limiting factor towards going all in on this life is the limited dating pool in a rural area.

After having a conversation with a #Trad friend of mine who is moving to Montana soon, I’ve concluded this is WEAK thinking.

God will figure it out

This was his response when I expressed the “limited dating pool” argument, in the quest for finding a Trad wife.

I was floored. YES!

He, in essence, is taking the Noah approach from The Notebook.

How do you attract a Trad Wife?

A: Live a #Trad Life!

Build it, and they will come.

It is a natural selection mechanism.

So glad to have closure over this now.

We will be doing Live Streams on Telegram discussing such topics with both Trad Women and Trad Men.

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-Sean Ballard