Bitpost Lastpost: what a journey


2 months ago by SeanBallard

Cut the crap.

^this is what writing made me do, and is one of the many things I realized through this challenge.

Writing is brutal.

How the hell can I convey things into written word… especially in this digital age we live in. I wonder how books are even still profitable anymore.

But there is something magical that happens when you read & write… you use your


Yes. You CREATE images in your head. YOU are a vital part of the story. And in this way, books have a much more engaging call, and can be much more impactful.

the ultimate goal of art is not to convey, but to evoke.

So, despite all its perceived limitations, writing is actually MUCH more limitless than videos or podcasts, as you are free to create almost any set! You have the entire human brain as your canvas. Additionally, no single imagery of your words will be the same. And to top it all off, its basically FREE! No need to create a set. Hire cameraman. Etc. Etc.

Writing may be becoming somewhat of a lost art… maybe not a lost art, but certainly an underutilized one.

It is much harder to grasp peoples attention this way, granted. It seems all the time people have for a recommendation is a 30 second video.

I dont necessarily think this is a bad thing. It is what it is. Maybe attach a 30 second teaser video to whatever you want someone to read?

To continue reflecting on the Bitpost challenge… I definitely did not think I would continue writing after its conclusion… but I am having second thoughts about that…

To be Frank, it was not as impactful as Isaac put on. But in fairness, I had made a 2-3 year writing practice going by way of thought dumps in a composition book. Also, his expectations were pretty damn high as to the benefits… but that said, still experienced many great benefits and I would recommend the challenge to anybody. I dont see many actually doing it, but hey, its a tool in the quiver for turning your life around.

I actually do feel like I could curate a book out of some of these posts… maybe I will… after all, why not?

And I guess the “why not?” attitude is a big theme and lesson from these posts as well.

As youre stewing on what to write, waiting for a GREAT prompt… and then you eventually stumble upon an okay one, and wonder, should I even writhe about this? But being desperate for content? And needing to post something? Pshhhhh why not?

And funny enough… those turned out to be some of the better posts! Idk if its a product of low expectations, or if the post is actually good. But either way, it was something that was CREATED! And not only created, LOGGED!

Cheers to the Bitpost Weblog 30 day challenge!

Lets do it again sometime 😃


-Sean Ballard