9/30: Still here


13 days ago by SatoshiDoodles

I’m still here and am glad you are all still here too.

Been reading many posts and enjoying your musings and articles. I appreciate the range of topics, depth of knowledge, and diversity of perspectives. It’s especially promising that we are not just talking about BSV, although it’s ok if you do.

Part of me wishes that we could be a bit more interactive with comments on posts. Another part of me is glad to be throwing spaghetti on the wall (cough I mean, having the opportunity to work out the writing and ideas) without the pressure of responding to direct, random feedback.

p.s. If you read my previous post about canning fruit, it’s still in progress. Yesterday, pears in syrup. Today, apple butter and apple sauce. The last batch for today is in the boiling water canner and it’s 11:32 p.m., leaving just enough time to write a tiny little Bitpost!