8/30: Winging it


14 days ago by SatoshiDoodles

I’m winging these blog posts like I sometimes decide what to make for dinner.

Today’s menu came about based on available leftovers. Mainly:

  • chicken thigh pieces
  • basmati rice

Chicken + rice + carrots + dried onions (from the apocalypse pantry because I need to go grocery shopping for onions) + knobs of butter to sauté + random garden vegetables (a couple of potatoes and handful of cherry tomatoes) + water (ran out of bouillon cubes) + curry powder + flour + salt + pepper + a green apple (from the piles and piles of apples still sitting in the kitchen, waiting to be processed by yours truly) + milk

= mulligatawny soup (sort of)

One missing ingredient was celery, which I haven’t really bought in the last year or so. It turns out that onions and carrots make a good base for most soups and we don’t miss the celery.

The recipe was from one of those community cookbooks with recipes submitted by many families from a school I once taught at. Most of the recipes are child-friendly. However, I was informed by my younger son that the apples did not belong in soup and it was not his favourite.

Fun fact: In Batman Vol 1. #701, it is revealed that mulligatawny soup is Batman’s favorite food. (according to Wikipedia and https://questionfun.com/what-is-batmans-favorite-food/)