7/30: Do not be afraid (of the title)


15 days ago by SatoshiDoodles

I’m almost sorry to recommend this book to y’all at this point (Day 7): Nobody Wants to Read Your Sh t: Why That Is and What You Can Do About It* by Steven Pressfield.

(Some of you may recognize the author of The War of Art which is also highly recommended.)

The bad news is the first half of the title.

The good news is the second half of the title!

Without spoiling things, I’ll say that the structure and tone of this book provides reassurance and motivation to keep improving my writing. Many of the chapters are extremely short. This pacing makes it a very satisfying read. It reads like the author is talking to you.

The genres discussed range from advertising, fiction, Hollywood screenplays, non-fiction and self help.

This book was at about 93% read on my e-reader and I just finished skimming the last parts prior to writing this post.

If this book title is too much to digest concurrently with the #Bitpost30 challenge, I understand. But it’s not as scary as the bad news part of the title suggests. If you’re interested in storytelling, this book is a decent masterclass.

p.s. I did not used to write like each sentence deserves its own paragraph. I was trained at school to write full paragraphs with a topic sentence, supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence. However, the internet seems to favour the informal style over academic conventions. People have short attention spans and walls of text do not make for an inviting read.