6/30: Spider and money...


21 days ago by SatoshiDoodles

…plants. Made you look! (Is this a clickbait title?)

It’s 8 pm local time and I am staring at the computer screen. So much for getting this challenge done earlier in the day.

Looking around my desk while thinking of a topic to write about, I spotted my newest houseplant which was acquired this spring. It’s a spider plant, or Chlorophytum comosum. My fifth grade teacher kept spider plants in our classroom and taught us how to propagate them.

Spider plants, in addition to their regular foliage, grow long stems with plantlets that grow their own roots and can be planted in a new pot.

Just checked and spotted two previously unnoticed new stems growing, ready to flower and become plantlets.

Another recent addition to the houseplant roster has been a Chinese money plant. The main plant is in the kitchen but it has already produced several baby plants which have since been moved to their own pots. They are extremely easy to propagate and do so at a fast pace.

Here is a little drawing of the Chinese money plant, a.k.a. Pilea peperomioides:

An alternate common name for this plant is Pancake Plant. So I am rich in pancakes!

p.s. I am planning to continue with the regular Satoshi Doodles at some point. Currently there is a bit of artistic paralysis related to current domestic and world events as well as the rapidly increasing amount of activity (projects and businesses) building on BSV, which I’ve yet to look into. Basically I am so behind that it’s an uphill battle to get going again, but I’ve fallen off the wagon before and managed to get back on board, so there is that.

p.p.s. I tried to rename this image file after uploading to Bitpost but kept getting error messages: “File is required” (even though the image is still showing). “Invalid post: Check fields have valid values.” ???