5/30: Analogue at heart


17 days ago by SatoshiDoodles

I am an analogue girl at heart.

Some of my favourite tools:

  • Staedtler HB pencils
  • sewing needle and thread or knitting needles and wool
  • long handled garden shovel with small spade

Being of a generation that actually used rotary dial telephones, I find it amazing how we got from there to our current lives with ubiquitous addictive handheld touchscreen devices.

I remember pagers, lol. One of my student jobs required carrying one around on-call. During that time I had a cordless telephone with an answering machine tape.

My first cell phone had buttons and there was a lot of tapping involved when sending text messages.

At some point I was gifted a Palm Pilot, supposedly to digitally manage my calendar and take a few photos. It had a stylus. I don’t remember using it effectively and to this day still get by with a calendar on the wall. I’ve kept a stack of old calendars with notes about funny things my children have said. I still need to capture those notes before throwing out the calendars.

My husband actually knows my device history better than I do. Something about Huawei, Nokia, etc. All Android.

He bought me a nice “smartphone” before I was ready to plunge into full-on digital addiction. I convinced him that while I was grateful, I’d rather exchange the Samsung Galaxy SIII for a red enameled cast iron pot. That pot is still used almost every day.

A few years ago, I reconnected with a childhood penpal via the digital bridge of Instagram. We’d written back and forth for many years and I’d eventually decoupaged the hilarious physical letters, written in grade-school printing and cursive, to a shoebox. We talked about our younger sisters as a frequent topic. This online reacquaintance led to an in-person visit which involved children, husbands, chickens and goats.

Recently, after trying to sync an e-book to an older tablet, I realized that it had been obsoleted. Just as well, since the tablet’s attachable keyboard was already broken (and I dislike typing on touchscreen anything).

So that is a little history of my relationship with technology.