23/30: Seeking magic


10 months ago by SatoshiDoodles

“We don’t want your average person to care. We want everything to work…. We want something that functions and we just want the magic. That’s what we’re going to help people create: the magic. IT for most people should be magic. It should be simple and stuff happens and everything works. They don’t need to understand the crypto.” - C.S.W.

This morning I went outside, seeking magic which I was not finding on the internet.

The unmagical stuff is: people on BSV Twitter bickering as usual, mutually trolling/discussing, and generally entertaining themselves as well as any curious looky-loos. I have to admit, some of the comments make me crack up. The funny ones contain an element of truth.

All of the birds were incredibly chirpy, possibly due to the influence of the full Harvest moon or feasting on mountain ash berries.

There’s a sunflower plant which has turned itself into a natural bird feeder for chickadees. I decided to sketch it. When blue skies and opportunities present themselves, it’s good to take them. Soon it will be raining for the next six months.

Sitting in my campchair, I settled in for at least 20 minutes of meditative line-drawing while listening to the birds. The chickadees in the lilac tree (shrub?) behind me would occasionally come to peck seeds out of the highest sunflower head. At the same time, bumblebees were buzzing around and doing their thing (pollinating).

At one point, I heard a little scamper, turned my head, and found myself face-to-face with a squirrel. It had a nut in its mouth and was frozen on all fours, due to being extremely-not-social-distanced from a human. The little guy was within a meter of my chair. After about ten seconds, it unfroze itself and ran away.

Not two minutes later, I heard the familiar mini drone sound of a hummingbird. It had flown up to some flowering rosemary within 2-3 metres of where I was sitting. After a quick sip or two, it took off as well.

Nature is where the magic is.


note: in rereading this post, I just noticed that one sunflower head in the sketch is missing its stem, lol. can you find it? it’s where I started the drawing and forgot to connect it to the main stalk.