14/30: Paperless?


2 months ago by SatoshiDoodles

I will never be paperless.

Do you remember when we were supposed to be going paperless? Offices, schools, etc. Something about saving trees and the environment. This must have been back in the ‘90s.

Since emails are not usually printed, it’s tempting to pretend that they don’t even exist. I’m not a practitioner of inbox zero.

Although students these days are required to “bring your own device” to school, for some kids this means they are working on a phone. How does one compose an essay on a phone??? I suppose it’s possible as people manage to work entirely from their phone in many parts of the world.

My printer is broken. The scanner functionality still works. It takes up space next to my desk, about the volume of a mini bar fridge.

Probably it’s a good time to go back to my tried and true method of capturing ideas: a spiral-bound notebook. Unfortunately when I dropped the habit of using just one notebook, the proliferation of post-it notes and index cards got quite out of hand. There are many doodle notes which got buried in my nemesis, which is piles of paper. I should unearth some of those soon, in a paper sorting and excavating mission.

You don’t even want to know what my computer files look like. Thank goodness for the little magnifying glass icon.

That’s where things stand at the moment.

p.s. Apologies for the laundry list of a post. It’s more of a draft. Overthinking is the enemy of done.