10/30: Hypersensitivity to sugar and BS


12 days ago by SatoshiDoodles

Lately I have been rather hypersensitive to sugar.

When your body and mind are accustomed to higher quality inputs (i.e. mostly whole foods, not a lot of added sugar), even a brief exposure to low quality stimuli can throw things out of balance.

It only took about three decades for me to viscerally understand the insidious effects of sugar and television on both body and mind.

I’ll spare you the details but there’s been a clear pattern of:

too much sugar —> inflammation + health problems

This past week I’ve been preserving pears and apples, which has necessitated the occasional tasting of syrups and sauces that contain much more sugar than I’m accustomed to ingesting. My body, as usual, is telling me that it does not like too much sugar. It’s been a consistent pattern in the last ten years, so much so that I no longer feel socially pressured to go overboard on Christmas baking. Just a couple of batches of special cookies and maybe some Christmas cakes (to share with family) or stollen.

Likewise, the majority of television advertising and programming will rot your brain. Addictive social media platforms should probably be included in the brainrot category too.

too much tv and social media —> aggravation + mental health implications

I’m also officially allergic to most bs (programming? propaganda? a.k.a. “news”) that comes across the radio and television airwaves. A long time ago, back in the ‘90s, I learned about the concentration of media ownership (in North America anyways) and it’s only gotten worse since then.

Mass media programming is like a steady diet of processed food when there are alterative information sources, if you have the time and will to cobble together a mainly organic and wholesome diet.