Worm Moon


3 months ago by Rory

At a family party on Saturday, I stood barefoot in their yard, inspecting rose bushes and the many blossoms sprouting out on trees. A flock of ten large birds flew close over head. I greeted them with a hollar, “Hello, Hawks!” Three circled around with several more up the distance at a far higher level. One swooped down low, sailing through the backwoods of the yard. Elegant and very black feathered rather than brown, I realized they were must not be hawks. My cousin came out into the yard with his dog just in time to see a plane fly overhead, the birds had gone. He suggested they musta been buzzards from the sound of it.

Later on, I showed him my Duro Dogs and talked about Bitcoin. He told me he didn’t trust anything on the internet because it was all hackable. I said it was the solution to cyber security. He asserted he wasn’t interested in Bitcoin.

Earlier, I’d been in the FishBowl Twitter Space telling everyone I learned not to try to convince others of things only to end up unconvincing someone and feeling upset later that very same day! That’s how it is though. We learn and then we have more to learn. Another chance to grow is always ready for us. People are often upset by themselves and not really by other people anyway. He was upset for his own reasons and me for my own.

Our family had a singalong around the dinning room table after enjoying a delicious meal together. We made plans to all get together again next month. On the way out the door, my auntie handed me a knife to take a bunch of blossoms from the rose bush and cherry tree, as I wanted to do ikebana out of Mason jars at home. My cousin told me to take some of the yellow honeybells over the arbor too.

As we all stood up and gazed at the moon, he said, “That’s what the Native Americans call the Worm Moon. It’s the time when all the worms come up out of the ground, a good time to plant. As my brother and sister and I rode home, we remarked how we’d all noticed worms on the sidewalk earlier in the week. That must be it, the worm moon! That may explain all the buzzards too.

The next day, I walked to the flower shop to buy strawberry and bleeding heart bulbs. There was a display for Non-GMO onions, garlic and sweet potatoe bulbs. Looking in the bulb bag I could see they were regular vegetables, just like you buy them at the grocery store.

Does this mean to grow garlic, all I need to do is put a garlic clove into the ground? I know sometimes my potatoes sprout if I don’t get to eating them soon enough, should I just plant them in the ground when that happens and YouTube how to distill poitin?