Women Wearing Wings...


1 month ago by Rory

In the hilarious BBC TV show Gavin & Stacey, the wierd uncle wonders what the www. in websites stands for, suggesting it’s Women Wearing Wings, to which the nephew in-law replies, it’s World Wide Web!

I was invited to write about Women involved in #Web3 and I simply wrote my opinion on #Web3 in some general notes on the industry. However, after it was shared in a post, I realized that the topic was asking writers to speak to the experience of women involved in the industry.

This is a hot topic nowadays. I prefer to just get to the point and talk about the topic rather than blow hard on he said, she said… yet, it is interesting to consider the women that have led the innovation of technology throughout space time.

Mary Sommerville wrote a book about the common threads linking the Physical Sciences. It was in a review of her publication that a guy coined the term “scientist.”

This Bitpost is my notes and not in an Ada Lovelace kind of way. I’m just brainstorming here and will proofread and add more depth later, but Ada Lovelace was a girl who loved the poetry of mathematics. Inspired by a man named Babbage and a French guy who invented a punch card weave machine, she conceptualized loops and wrote the first computer programming language. I’ve read all of these fascinating tidbits in a book written by a man named Walter Isaacson. He said Ada was grandeous to call herself a genius and demand that Babbage follow her direction to get his OG PC funded and built. Babbage did not pursue her offer and it took 100 years for some guys to finally get it together and build the first computer. I reckon if Babbage would have listened to Ada, then she would have seen the build through.

This author calls Einstein and other inventors genius but the fact that Ada called herself a genius means she is grandeous. Personally, I like grandious. It takes big thinking to do things. It also takes simple people and I believe there is genius in absolutely every person everywhere. If we all stopped watching TV, we would have a higher probability of getting there.

Peer collaboration is key. It’s men and women that work together that makes innovation. Men work for women and with women and women often do the same. Men are amazingly talented creatures and so are women. We have differences but when it comes to what we do, it’s better to focus on the build rather than take notes about who does what.

Tim Berners-Lee foundation is run by both he and his wife. Cisco was started by a couple wanting to canoodle at Standford. I suspect some marriages divorsed simply to launder money, but maybe not. Bill Gates won the IBM deal thanks to his Mom, though he’s only used his wife for good PR.