3 months ago by Rory

Today is a Full Moon. When I peeked out the door to water tulips in my garden early morning, the bright Full Moon was blinging out on my right. “Hello, Full Moon!” I hollard at it. It was gone a few minutes later, as I walked to work. The sky was smokey cloudy but glowing rose’ beyond. It seemed as though something erie was about to happen.

Later on, it rained. I could hear the thunder booming from inside, not sure if it was construction workers or a storm. By the time I walked home, the rain was through. Lucky for me, since I hadn’t brought my umberella.

Moonology by Yasmin Boland gives details on rituals to practice during cycles of the moon. On page 180, she says, the Full Moon is a time for release, letting go and practicing gratitude. Boland prescribes we write lists of what we are grateful for on the Full Moon.

I’m releasing procrastination by writing this BitPost today. And I’m grateful for many things. Sometimes, I find joy is a finely chopped and fried onion.

Something I am extremely grateful for is the Scammers Meetings on Twitter Spaces. The people there are thought provoking and often spark free flowing discourse on leading edge ideas, ancient riddles, life mysteries, geopolitical-economy and each their own financal strategies or latest business plan.

I love how everyone jumps in and speaks off the cuff. No one raises their hand. We all interrupt to inquire or candidly disagree. Then we meet again the next day to continue the conversation. It’s a sincere bunch of fun-loving people who are group phone call podcasting on the daily. What a phenom!

A lot of regulars complain about Nokoo. Their gripe of him has become a group meme. Nokoo seems just as necessary to the dish as everyone else. I don’t understand why they regularly complain about him specifically. There is always something about his point of view of which I don’t concur. I agree with him on one level then not on another. That’s what is so refreshing about the SCMR calls on Spaces. We do not see eye to eye but do meet every day and go toe to toe.

After years of arguing with friends and family online, it’s thirst quenchingly refreshing to make a virtual clan with the SCMRs. Though we each show our own full moon from time to time, I’m grateful for the camaraderie of the SCMRs on Twitter Spaces. (:~8<3)))