Scavenger ~ A New Chair


3 months ago by Rory

It could be a throne for a king or the seat for a gamer.

Walking the hood at sunset, I saw it… A tall, black desk chair with sinuous shape and that most glorious invention, wheels. Left out for the taking on the eve of trash day at the curb outside the two TESLAs neighbors’ house.

“You know they choose the best quality products. I’ve seen them playing archery up the way. Hmm. Should I take their old chair?” The neighborhood association lady, out in her front yard, overheared the inner dialogue I spoke out loud, and assured me the chair looked ripe for the taking.

Encouraged to be so bold, I walked on, determined to simply enjoy the beautiful sunset, and thought of how it could be handy to have a chair to sit in while editing videos. It would also be a good idea to try not bouncing around all the time on camera. Hmm.

Strolling for home, I went right up and snagged it. After extending my hands up the to sky, exalting thanks and waving at the fancy neighbors’ house, I pulled and pushed and plopped those wheels right onto the road and rolled the chair all the way home.

Having experimented with standing desks at the office in Buckhead years ago, I had been curious to try sitting on a ball at the computer at home. Back when I was purusing, I saw a nice quality birthing ball and bought it with my first ever Bitcoin. For the past five years, I’ve sat on that ball while teaching online ESL classes, attending conferences by Zoom, livestreaming with the Women of BSV and of late, BitPosting!

The posture stabilization activity that is required while sitting on a ball is very appealing. Chairs are for hunching and slouching. Sitting at the chair for several minutes to type this, I’ve already noticed slouching creeping up and a little hunching.

Introducing this new element will take a bit of time to properly adjust. I can organize a new ergonomics, pull the keyboard closer, sit back, prop my feet up on a stool. Who knows?! It’s good to take a seat. Chair or not, I stay on the ball, whatever I do.