Raindrops on Roses


2 months ago by Rory

My Storage Space bill had always been unsustainable, but I made it work over the past few years, seeking to keep my most precious things for one grand day. With rising prices, it became untenable to keep paying that monthly storage bill, so I decided to move out by the end of the month.

After years of denial, I faced facts that I had to let go of the majority of my belongings. The sentimental bamboo table was going to be the first to go. The night before, I grieved the table hard, boo hooing so seriously that I found it peculiarly fascinating, “It’s a table! I’m sobbing about a table right now. That’s crazy, but… wah ah ah ah, I love you bamboo table, all the good times, all the memories… waaaa ah ah ah.”

The first vision in my mind’s eye is the memory of my grandma and grandpa sitting in the bamboo swivel chairs at the warmly round table singing old Irish and Scottish folk songs, my mom and me chimming in whenever recognizing a verse. Such a happy memory!

Thousands of gatherings with family and friends from around the world sharing delicious meals and stimulating conversation. Eating cereal and watching cardinals out the window in spring.

Though old, it’s linoleum top is the most beautiful to me. I searched bamboo tables online and found none like it.

On Saturday morning, my brother picked me up with his truck. Greeting him with puffy eyes, I confessed of having sobbed for hours the night before. He said he had many happy memories at the table too. We both hoped to keep it close and let it go to someone we knew.

After moving the table out into the parking lot to take a picture of it, I asked he and my mom to sit and sing a riff of Danny O’Rafferty’s Motor Car, the old song I knew he knew, while I took video. They were grinning away singing for ten seconds until some folks came out door hauling an antique curio cabinet to their truck. Embarrased to be sitting at an old table in a parking lot having a sing along mid-move, they both lost the verse and jumped up out of the chairs.

We got a text then that some friends would love to have it in their home. They were hosting a birthday party for their son that day, so we drove to their house and carried it in. It was placed in front of their big TV. I saw a play station console nearby and felt happy to imagine kids sat at it playing video games. Perhaps their mom would roll out Brigadeiro on the lovely linoleum top or their dad would sit around having a beer with friends? The table was out of HODL and on to new utility with love.