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3 months ago by Rory

One day in May or June of this year, while listening to Brittany Bitz, Jack Liu, Andreas and Nokoo discussing NFT podcasts inside a Scammers Meeting Twitter Spaces, I got chatty with them and joined in the conversation, rather than simply lurking and listening, as usual.

Jack said Twetch and other bitcoin apps should be open source so you can view everything on the blockchain inside their app and anyone anywhere can view the content of ‘your share’ from Twetch. As it is now, if you share a Twetch post on Twitter or Facebook, your non-Twetch friends cannot see the content of the Twetch post. They’d need to join Twetch in order to see it.

Also, when you login to your Twetch account, you can see simply the posts from other people interacting on the app. There is no search bar for all content being posted to the blockchain in real time. It would be fun to be able to view the photos, videos and other non-encrypted content uploaded to bitcoin all day every day. Maybe Twetch will implement that or maybe someone else will build out that functionality?

In my own small way, I’ve taken the open source concept to heart, by sharing my ideas in Bitposts without editing or even proofreading them as an exercise in action. Even if I mispelled ten words and wrote all run-on sentences, at least I posted something that can be developed later and may possibly have inspired some BSVer in real-time!

Another approach to open source involves fans funding content piece by piece… You can see on Andreas shared the concept of asking your audience to fund your article. I think I remember Nokoo talking about this, as well, during a Scammers Meeting on Twitter Spaces in June. While the folks collaborate in an open environment all talking with each other and brainstorming regularly in public group phone calls on Twitter spaces, people within the conversation are inspired to action creating new forms of fundstreams for themselves and funding their fellows. This is truly avant-guard!

Thanks to challenges and Bitpost services, I’m setting new goals to write and publically, sharing musings, ideas, brainstorms… and also starting a Writer’s Club to interact with my fellow feathered pen friends. I have not applied any fundstreams for myself and that’s something I need to develop for myself here in this new world of microtransactions on bitcoin.

To reiterate and expand, I’m openly sharing my ideas here for my blog and new audio/visual podcasts too.
My theme and slogan is…
₿ in the Moment with Rory!
So far I have simply created a new playlist on my Rory Zimmerman YouTube channel.

My podcast audience is mostly leaders in the BSV space who want to listen and learn from a variety of guests’ experience and perspectives.

In my first vlog, I shared my opinion on news in the BSV scene and scriptures from my Catholic Mass Missle and Mencius Dialogues that I feel are relevant to the BSV scene right now.

In future shows, I’ll interview mystery guests. They may be new to the scene or famous legends. We can both use avatars and never say the name of the guest’s business. Viewers can try to guess who the guest actually is while the guest can be free to share their ideas candidly without worrying about doxxing themselves or making a certain impression. I’ll call those episodes MysteryBox.

In future shows, I’ll screen share while using BSV apps.

In future shows, I’ll give motivations.

Overall, I want to run a tight ship and limit episodes to under twenty minutes. I will provide a longform list for those interested to watch the length of the interview, possibly up to an hour, while promoting the more bite sized show lengths with Steve Jobs and Genuine Retweets.

I need artits to draw and graphic design my podcast logo. I also need super cool bumpers, hopefully, I can recruit Joey Mormann to make me a funny bumper one day because he is hilarious with his show bumpers.

If you have knowledge of the cool production assets I need to make my podcasts and video posts look good, then please reach out to me. I love you.