On Juneteenth


2 months ago by Rory

This time last year, I strolled through the city square with sadness upon seeing a gigantic Juneteenth banner decorating the stage of the courtyard park theatre. Black Lives Matter and Juneteenth were Marxist schemes to brainwash the public into a victim glorifying mindset that divided and conquered us all, I exclaimed woefully in my mind.

A few months ago, we had a BitcoinSV meetup and I made a new friend from Atlanta who enthusiastically exclaimed how wonderful our suburban city square’s Juneteenth celebration was, saying proudly, “It is one of the biggest Juneteenth parties in the state!” His positive attitude about Juneteenth was so enthusiastic, he persuaded me to start changing my mind.

This year as I saw the Juneteenth banner hung and preparations for the weekend jazz, funk, gospel series, I embraced a sense of hometown pride while looking forward to joining in the celebration.

One of the great things about American culture is how well we throw a party. We take holidays and make them into legendary celebrations. I love to see people honoring their heritage and the roots of their grandparents and family trees.

There is a philosophy that black heritage is as Gods. It’s a mindset that the heritage of black men and women is a divine regal grace. I believe this is true of all people all over the world. Each individual is a divine regal grace with gifts to serve and it’s when we unite our hearts and hands that we make the world sing.