Letter Reading


2 months ago by Rory

In reading the first few sections of the Satoshi Nakamoto archive of emails and postings gathered by bitcoin.com, it is clear that Satoshi had done research on the history of electonic cash systems and intended to finally make one sing. He did it. Why did he do it? I think he did it for the joy of doing with visions of downloading his favorite porn via microtransactions as well as providing real liquidity to generations of gamers living most of their time inside virtual worlds.

Sure, he probably had a grander vision than that because he mentioned escrow and scaling the system for the world beyond Visa right from the start, but I think most of the utility emerges beautifully and mysteriously as a flower in bloom. As he grows, so does the vision.

Now we have people saying we should use bitcoin as the currency of the world and let the nation state fade away. Others say, let’s build our national currency atop tired old poser’s POS, trying their darndest to ride Satoshi’s coattails while derailing the world from real opportunity. Some folks say let’s build national currencies atop true blue bitcoin, others say let’s go like Galt gang and build a hyperbitcoinization world for ourselves.

Ayn Rand did an excellent job creating characters and writing compelling fiction. My major take away from Atlas Shrugged is to appreciate hamburgers from fast food chains. When all the Galt gang left and went off to build their own society away from the rest of the people of the world, I put down the book. It bothered me that they would waste all those railroad tracks and industries in the cities to run off into the wilderness and trade mud pies with each other. I thought they should have made a stand and that people running industries like railroads and steel mills should not run off because a bunch of buraucrats were getting on their case for a year or two. Wimps. Sure Rand was painting a picture about voluntary specialization, but I think the way the majority of fan bois moon over her stories is trendy naiveté.

In reading Albert Einstein’s collection of speeches and letters in the book Ideas & Opinions, I see how Einstein believed in an ideal that transcended national boundaries. Coming from Europe with generations of countries causing wars, he saw nationalism as a threat to peace. He mentions the good old days when Europe was united in language by Latin and a concept of unity as an intellecutal people. I can see where he was coming from, but today I’d call him a Wilsonian globalist if I didn’t know better from his various letters and speeches.

When I was four years old, I learned to sing Armoured Cars and Tanks and Guns, indoctrinated you could say by a great uncle, but it’s a song my family regularly sang at get togethers along with A Nation Once Again. In the song, the Irish champion over injustice. They put their chins forward and face the adversity with resilience saying at the end of the song “All the people step together, proudly, firmly, on your way. Never fear and never faulter until the boys are home to stay.” They sing, “We will have them free to help us build a nation once again.” Now this song was used by a bunch of hoodlums funded from abroad to terrorize the isles, but it does not take away the value of the song’s message. A lot of hoodlums have tried to sully bitcoin’s name over the years, but it doesn’t take away bitcoin’s intrinsic value. My grandfather had the American dream and found a job while attending a funeral and was able to secure a visa to immigrate himself and his family to America after WWII. They kept singing the old songs while they celebrated their life in the land of the free and the brave. Perhaps it’s a bit like Galt gang to leave your country behind and follow your American dream? If I judge the characters in Rand’s story harshly why not all seekers of freedom adventuring into new lands?

While recognizing the humble origins of true blue bitcoin, I believe it can can be used by all the peoples of the world now and for a thousand years or more as the foundation for all information systems ensuring transparency and efficiency of processing for the peoples of every nation, space station, planet. If pioneers on Mars make their own nation state there, I think it should be made by them. No country is perfect today, especially with all of the sockpuppet campaigns that masquerade as movements these days, but I believe when nation states are built and maintained by the people then it is the best political system yet. Anarchy is for masochists. Empires are for historical analysis. Nation states by and for the people are the most likely political system to continously improve.

Sometimes I think auditing the Fed by putting the FRDC or other CBDC on true blue bitcoin is a good enough innovation for now. Let the transparency of bitcoin give the people the opportunity to audit the central bank and national government spending in real time. The transparency of bitcoin is better than the privacy inherant in the legacy system. After the people audit the Fed and other CBs then we can all choose whether to fire them all and do things differently or not. Should we tweak as we go or just demolish and start anew? Christopher F. Rufo made a speech to Hillsdale College in April of this year where he encouraged us all to lay siege to our institutions. Perhaps this moment in history is the era when people everywhere do more DIY Be the change you wish to see in the world? It’s possible this could be a moment of evolution of our human species where we take more self responsibility to serve our societies glocally?