Jam in Five


3 months ago by Rory

March 17th, 2022

Yesterday, I discovered some old art books and gaily peeked upon all the beautiful portraits, reading along with descriptions of the artist’s unique skill. My Matisse postcard book was particularly delightful as the passage was written in English, German and French. I tried reading aloud the German, but gave up after realizing it was longer than a quote. My great great grandparents spoke German. All I can say is “This breakfast is delicious.” Das Frushtek est leckar! Heard it on a Mango Lingo tape from the library years ago.

Ten Schools of Painting in the National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. box set had a treasure trove of Later Italian Painting. Opening the slim tome to page 21, I spied Saint Cecilia and an Angel. The author said Gentileschi was the greatest tailor to ever paint. True Cecilia’s frock is fabulous, but the faces of the two girls are so life-like. I’ve seen artists today do portraits, but how were the masters of old so precise to life? The author says the painter used his daughter, Artemisia, as model for the saint. Artemisia grew up to become a master painter herself. I’ve got a book from the antique store that descibes the history of painting during the Renessance I can crack.

Though I enjoy gazing upon Matisse’s work and Van Gogh is good sometimes never do I enjoy Picasso… not even at the beach. What happened to art and craftsmanship since the master apprentice schools of old? The meme houses of fine art gave way to abstract celebs?