40's Hair


3 months ago by Rory

I’ve heard men exclaim their worries about balding since we were all in our mid-twenties. Thinning hair is something that many men experience like I’ve experienced color and texture changes. I once had a girl friend with thinning hair, so I know it can happen to women too, but what I never realized was how womens’ hair changes in our forties! It gets all bushy and sticks out all over the place like an unkept haystack.

My grandmother had bright white hair, so I always planned on going natural hoping I got her hair gene. She went natural, but she probably also used lots of good products and didn’t mention it.

In my very late thirties, no matter how much I brushed my shoulder length hair, it always looked like I didn’t own a comb. As someone without technical beauty skills, I never tried styling or using product before. Then the world quarentine happened and all the Great Clips stores closed, so one day, I cut my hair along my first layer line and had a short hair cut.

It was so funny. My long hair was gone and I looked like a middle aged mom or Karen as they call it. It was fun to try something new and to come to terms with aging. One cousin cut her long hair short too. We both found the short hair rather fun. It was a little French chic sometimes, but overall, I couldn’t wait for my long hair to grow back. Then it did, and I just realized this week that it is just as bushy as before. Yesterday, I searched online and asked some friends about forties hair changes. It turns out womens’ hair changes in their forties! So I’m in the market for moisturizing balms, but overall am happy to discover ageing gracefully as a day by day thing. Enjoy each stage.