1/30 Day Blog Challenge: How I got here, developing using HandCash other other devices

Rachael Brady

19 days ago by Rachyrachyrach

Edit: I missed day one because of “internal server error” on this site. Looks like a lot of people are doing the blog challenge!

There is a 30 Day Blog Challenge going on so I’m joining in by boring everyone. This challenge is great timing because I’m workng on learning how to develop an app in Flutter. I came across a bunch of issues from my Macbook Pro not having enough room (fixed, there were a bunch of files to be purged) to barely knowing any code! If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll see me complaining a lot.

I’m the co-owner of RealWorldBSV.com My friend J, aka Jon Bacus got into cyrptocurrency around 6 months ago. He knew I had some web development skills so I helped him set up a wordpress site. Along the way I have learned how useful BSV is besides trying to mine it. I’m also going to post a lot about projects that you can follow along:

Project 1: Setting up a paywall button using HandCash for RealWorldBSV.com. J has noticed there are more HandCash users than MoneyButton. MoneyButton put out a nice doc on how to set up payment using JavaScript and MoneyButton. We give out tokens (called assets on MoneyButton’s docs), people can use the tokens to play in the arcade for fun. Also we have content where people can pay in BSV or use one of our tokens to watch our podcast. We also make our podcast available on Streamanity.

Project 2: J did a review on the Keevo wallet. So I bought an Ellipal Wallet review. These are called cold wallets because they are offline devices that can looks like a smart phone to a Tamagotchi that store your cryptocurrency. They are good for when you don’t want an exchange or service online to hold your money. They are not good for beginners though because you could seriously loose your money.

Ellipal is “air gapped”. Air gapped is when the device is not connected to the internet, in fact the wallet itself shoulnd’t have bluetooth or wifi antenna. However that just depends on the type of wallet. Hot wallets are wallets online, CoinBase, Metamask, HandCash, Twetch are all good examples of hot wallets. You access your money through an internet connection. Personally I trust using hot wallets. I have several that I used for testing. The easiest seems to be HandCash because it connects you to a lot of fun apps where you can earn BSV. Anyways this is a rambling posts because I wasn’t sure if I could post on here haha!