Petes views on Betting/gambling and trading in general


6 months ago by Petes_Place

Hi All,

So those who are new to my Discord group will see that my interests are all focussed aroung Sports betting and Forex trading.

I think its VERY IMPORTANT that people understand the emotional attachement to our money. I am not here to make a quick buck and move on. I believe in trying to build pots and then re-invest and/or take some profits along the way. Do not part with your money easily and always remember that if something sounds too good to be true it probably is!!!!

Im a honest and hardworking indiviual and I’m not interested in going down any affiliate marketing and/or try and scam people out of money. Its worth noting that I am part of a horse tipping service called but im not here to try and cross sell. That does perfectly fine on its own.

I feel very fortunate to have met and discussed betting and investing patterns with 100’s of people and I hear many common mistakes people make and Im hoping that by sharing experiences and the occasional bit of advice we can help eachother avoide such mistakes in the future.

So here’s my first some initial words of wisdon.

Please allocate your money to individual projects/ventures. If you are going down the forex trading route…. Find an amount of money you can afford to invest ( and maybe lose) without feeling to hard done by. The only true way to measure your sucess against a project/service is to keep a close eye on where your money is going.
I have seen people think they are making money as they are lost and distracted with some cleve marketing distractions from what really matters …. Has your pot grown or not? THis is often because people follow multiple systems / signal services etc etc and fail to track the ones that make money versus the ones that dont.

You will see that I have a few pots running and I will be as open and transparent as possible. I dont promise I will win money …. But i can promise you will see a very disciplined approach to how i move my money around and how i places tradets/bets etc etc.