GPS Forex Robot Real Money Account.


13 days ago by Petes_Place

Hi All,
So many will be asking about the performance of the GPS Robot.
In line with the way I will manage risk and investmant projects this year here is the current setup.

Project Setup

1 - GPS Bot costs - $149
#Please Note this is not an affiliate link, Im not hear to make money off fellow traders and its another reason i do not plan to post clips on youtube either.

2 - Cash account losded up with £2800 (£3k starting pot but removed the cost of the bot and the hosting for the VPS)

Its still very early days and to be honest starting the bot over the holiday period was probably not the best idea but we are in good shape.

GPS Setup

There are only 2 items to add here.

1 - GPS offers you the chance to trade on 4 Currency pairs. On my research online I saw many comments to suggest that the best perfoaming pair is EUR/USD and I decided to just run on this pair.
Its worth noting that I did not test the other pairs for myself so I cannot confirm the performance for myself. I may indeed run a trial later on but not at this time.

2 - You can tweak the settings. I run with the following
UseMM = True
AutoAnalysis = False
Stealth Mode = True
GPSEU_UseTrailingStop = True

I will be posting weekly updates in my discord channel and am always happy to share feedback and my experiences on this and other projects I have for 2021.

Hope this helps and good luck