Writing, Liking & Minting. (Day 46)

Patrick JC.

1 month ago by PatrickJC

How ya’ going? I’ve done a bit of writing for CoinGeek during the New York conference. I’d like to think this opportunity arose directly from the #bitpost30 challenge. Here is a link to my latest article on new Relica developments.

Additionally – I touched base with Daniel Street (Relica CEO) after the presentation. I had a couple of questions for him, of which I’ll post below:

1. Are there any plans to integrate additional BSV wallets to Relica? Or an in-house wallet/token for easier onboarding?
Daniel: Relica is currently developing its own native wallet. We endeavour to have this released in the coming months as we prepare for the launch of Relica’s marketplace.

2. Due to Relica ‘likes’ having monetary value in contrast to conventional social media ‘likes’ - how do you think this changes a user’s perception of a ‘like’ or their behaviour? Has it changed your perception when using Instragram or Twitter?
Daniel: Now that ‘likes’ on Relica are monetised, they become something of value. The simple gesture of being able to reward friends and creators directly for their content (even at just a few cents) is game changer when it comes to interacting on a social media platform. It is not until you have transitioned back to the conventional free system of Instagram, that you feel something is missing in their model.

On the answer to the second question – I completely agree with that feeling of something missing in Instagram. After being such an avid user of Twetch for over two years, it feels so strange to devalue a like when using Twitter, Instagram etc. I want my interactions to hold weight. I want the recipient to understand that I have valued their content and input.

When I use Instagram‘liking something’ feels like a semi-automatic spud gun.
Fast, but barely noticeable with little to no effect.

When I use Relica or Twetch‘liking something’ feels like a 50-caliber sniper rifle.
Precise, calculated, effective and powerful.

To go from a powerful social tool to a one barely noticeable is uncomfortable and off-putting. I hope people soon begin to see this. Once they do, I doubt they will go back. How many posts do you ‘like’ in a day?

I wrote a little about perceptions of ‘liking’ in a post on conventional social media here:

‘Since leaving the social void, I’ve put so much emphasis on the act of ‘liking’ a post. I’ve never liked or interacted with posts often, so I perceive the value of a like incredibly high. I want it to mean something to the receiver. This is difficult, as the value of a ‘like’ varies from person to person. One user may like 100’s of posts without thinking anything of it, whilst another may limit likes only to what is meaningful to them. The receiver of that like can’t tell if I have liked 100 posts this week, or just their post. They’d also have their own perception on what a like means to them.’

In other news, TokenSwap has now opened their platform to a myriad of tokens. Users can now mint and pair their own tokens, and list them on the market. This really brings TSwap to the next level. Very exciting times, gamble responsibly.

I have made a video tutorial on how to list a token here if anyone is interested.

Anyway, I hope you are enjoying your weekend. It has been raining a lot out here, but I managed to get a bike ride in today. Here’s a tune.



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