Tw3tch. (Day 80)

Patrick JC.

17 days ago by PatrickJC

How ya’ going? Tw3tch early access has been released to users that aped in on securing a spot. Many new captivating design additions, improved marketplace functionality, paymails and a few of other exciting adjustments.

Considerations & Admirations

The process was a complete rehaul, and as such, many tweaks and bugs must be addressed further. The site is not near completion, but the team are getting there slowly but surely. One new feature I enjoy is the pricing graph integration within the ‘stonks’ marketplace. This a great visual aid addition to the previously bleak marketplace layout.

End-to-end encrypted chat has been rehauled. Seems smoother and lighter in design. However, I prefer having the message previews from Twetch2. Instead, you have a list of names and chat creations clumped together, it looks a little cramped.

Additionally - I wish that a user’s profile didn’t show all interactions and instead showed only branches and posts like before. When I consider following someone, I want to see their content, not public conversations they are in.

Now, I’m nit-picking a lot! There are small bugs and annoyances that I know they will be stamped out eventually. Early users have access to an excel spreadsheet to add input and bug notes. I have great faith in the team to patch these out within time.

The loading animation looks crisp and modern. A new paymail design is easy to send BSV through to anyone from any wallet instead of the previous traditional address. You can ‘like’ as many times as you want, very cool!

Solana Confirmed?

I’ve always been under the suspicion that Twetch developers were considering a port or pivot to Solana with Twetch. Evidence amassed to assume this to be the case. Now, Tw3tch is showing BSV price AND Solana price within the dashboard. Kinda’ bullish tbh.

Whether they are up to a multi-chain NFT marketplace (Frog Cartel NFTs on Solana through Twetch) or a complete Solana integration within Twetch, I don’t know. But the thought is exciting. The wealth and userbase rushing into a platform like Twetch would be unprecedented. The future looks bright, frens.

Overall, this upgrade was necessary towards site growth. The boys did a wonderful job within the redesign, special props to Randy/Billy. I look forward to reaping the benefits of being an early supporter/investor and hope this next chapter of Twetch propels it into a new paradigm of use and activity.

Anyway, pretty cruisy day at work today. I’m so glad this week is over. I can already feel the emotional recharging happening. Avoided a potential crash and burn there, I reckon.

Not sure if I’ve already shared this track before (should probably figure out a better way of doing this)… But here is a tune from the cool Melbourne band ‘Cool Sounds’: