Tired. (Day 20)

Patrick JC.

1 month ago by PatrickJC

How ya’ going? Big day at work today running on zero sleep the night before. Absolutely exhausted. I should go pick up some melatonin when I clock off. Haven’t used that stuff in years, might be worth a crack. I do have trouble drifting off.

Anyway, I had an idea to create a YouTube channel surrounding Blockchain developments in BSV. However, I wouldn’t emphasize on the BSV chain. It would include hints of its capabilities and showcase the things being built on it. But I would deliberately downplay the promotion of SV itself.

If it gained traction, it would attract a much different demographic to what we see in BSV now. Perhaps it will garner extra adoption.

Plus, the benefit for me is that I get to talk about Bitcoin. I don’t talk much about it around friends and family. So, this could be a great outlet to interact, teach and broadcast my creativity.

I’ve already started doing a couple of videos on TSC/TokenSwap. They are pretty much just quick videos testing the waters. So far, reception has been good.

Another benefit to it would be that I can train my speech. I get into the habit of ‘umms’ and ‘urrs’ a lot. I know it’s normal for many, but I really want to quash the compulsion to a minimum.

After all, practicing my rhetoric and confident execution is much needed when shilling a Ponzi like TSC. Kidding… Maybe… Sorta’.

Anyway, I think I might head home early and crash.



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