Sunday Musings. (Day 19)

Patrick JC.

1 month ago by PatrickJC

How ya’ going? It is going to be a stressful start to the week with some tasks piling up for completion. I’ll likely keep the blogging short as I tend to commitments.

It is incredible how fast this month has gone. Being cooped up in lockdown makes the days blur into one familiar chunk, things feel incredibly accelerated.

Yet it has been a productive month, and one of pure insight at that. I know now what must be done to reach the next stages of my life, health and maturity. Too long have I succumbed to vices of the world I’ve surrounded myself in. More harm than good has resulted.

I have never been more motivated to grow and develop my strengths. With it, will come strict determination and discipline. I know that I can conquer my health afflictions through nurturing and rewarding my body with needed care. I know I can synthesize resilience and energy through positive change. I know I can take anything life throws at me if I put my mind to it.

This month has given a snippet of what can be of the future.

I am vastly elevated. Give me strength to take anything head-on.

Soon, the city will open up. I will be able to emerge, putting my areas of focus into practice.

I appreciate your time, thank you for listening.