State of AusPol. (Day 34)

Patrick JC.

17 days ago by PatrickJC

How ya’ going? The Deputy Premier of NSW resigned today due to a legal matter he doesn’t want public. Long story short, the legal matter relates largely to the declining freedom of the press we currently see in Australia.

YouTube comedian and Australian political commentator, Jordan Shanks (AKA Friendlyjordies)
, was filed with a defamation lawsuit earlier this year. This was after independently investigating the alleged corruption of the NSW state politician, John Barilaro. The light shone on these allegations bought with it the attention of an independent NSW anti-corruption commission, ICAC (of which Barilaro may have to soon face).

After being sued, Shanks’ employee was subsequently arrested by counter-terrorism Police under suspicion of stalking the Premier. I urge you to watch the above linked footage. The ‘instance of stalking’ was also filmed. We can only see how well this charge will play out in the courts. Currently ongoing.

This is a clear overreach of blatant power and intimidation on behalf of a politician. As a result, NSW Police commissioners and the NSW Police Fixated Persons Investigation Unit were in hot water. They were also questioned on the process surrounding this arrest and whether the Deputy Premier instigated this.

Jordan Shanks is a keen supporter of the Australian Labor Party, and many of his video’s parody or condemn the Liberal Party of Australia (Of which Barilaro is a member of). Although I am not a Labor supporter – I stand by the right to the freedom of press in Australia. I never thought I’d see such overarching misuse of power in my country. There is no question – this power has gone to the heads of some very influential government members.

Yet, such power misuse is now being seen. So much so, that the head NSW Premier ALSO stood down within the week. New South Wales is now currently without a Premier or Deputy Premier. Investigatory bodies are rearing their heads. Something is fishy here, it could be argued one would not run - if they indeed had nothing to hide.

Here is the Deputy Premier’s resignation speech from today. Barilaro blames Shanks and Google’s ‘allowing of racist remarks’ as his reason to resign. He can no longer stand the publicity. He also states he has no desire to continue with a political career ever again.

Thanks to the funding support of Jordan’s audience, the lawsuit continues. This is Australian political history in the making. The very outcome of this case could set in motion the precedent of Australia’s political journalism and its subsequent rights/freedoms.

This will be an interesting few months surrounding the state of Australian politics.